Christmas /Goodbye 2019/ Thank You

It's Christmas eve! I cannot believe it's the festive season. This year has past incredibly fast. My son has developed and grown so much, and I cannot believe the things his learnt (including bad words 🙈). His got the funniest little personality, and he is also so sweet and polite, saying his pleases and thank yous.... Continue Reading →

The F Word… How To Deal With Swearing / Cursing

It's happened, my son, my two year old, my baby says the F word. To hear that word come out of his mouth is disappointing, but i knew this would happen sooner or later with my potty mouth, and the potty mouth of the rest of the adults around him. Kids love saying things that they... Continue Reading →

Feeling Lonely

After giving birth I had what they call “baby blues”, I literally cried every single day for two weeks straight, and over the smallest and silliest things. I was truly an emotional wreck, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, and that I wasn’t being the best mum I could be. But... Continue Reading →

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