Baby & Child First Aid And CPR

First Aid and CPR is something that has been playing on my mind for a while. What would I do if my son was choking or became unconscious? It’s a scary thought, but it’s not uncommon for children to pop things in their mouths that they shouldn’t, or for a piece of food to become lodged in their throat.

My husband who has been trained in First Aid and CPR as a part of his job, knows what to do in a scenario such as the above, and has shown me what to do. However without ever having had to practice First Aid or CPR (thankfully),  and without a refresher course, what if I forget what to do at a vital time?

I thought I’d look this up on youtube and found a couple of videos from This Morning. Dr Ranj talks through and presents the actions to take should your young baby or toddler be choking or become unconscious. Which I found was clearly explained and presented.

I think that every parent should know the basics of First Aid and CPR, whether this is by using these online videos or booking a course. I think the more this is shared the better. You never know when this skill may mean saving a life.

What to do if a child’s choking


Skip ahead to 3:28 for life support for children.

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