Sometimes I Feel Like a Bitch…

I think my husband would agree that i can be a bit more harsh, and quite strict with how i would like our son to be raised, and half the time i feel like i I’m just perceived like an obsessive bitch.

I’m quite specific with the types of foods i want my son to eat, where he eats, his bed time, what he watches etc.. I don’t want him to be too spoilt, but with a big, loving family this can’t be helped.

We’re very lucky, and my son has doting grandparents and aunties from both sides of the family, and an uncle. And being the first grandchild for both sides of the family, he is quite spoilt.

It’s lovely that everyone wants to spoil him with treats and toys etc. But there are certain things i don’t feel comfortable with. For instance if his given treats before dinner, or to keep him quiet if he becomes upset. I think on occasion that’s ok, but i feel if it becomes a regular thing, he will develop bad habits.

I hate conflict and hate having to say anything to my parents, because i respect them, and i don’t want to upset them. Also they have successfully raised children. However, times have changed and my husband i are the ones who are left with the tantrums.

We’re still working through my sons bad eating, and anything i see that geputise’s any progress, i speak up about it. Other things i speak out about is, if i feel his watching too much TV or going to bed too late. I obviously don’t like being perceived as the bad guy or a bitch, but i know that sometimes i have to play that role.

I feel it’s important to be open about it with our families, as although my husband and i are his parents, it can take an army to raise a child, and i don’t want to come across as ungrateful for all the support we’re given. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i take my hat off to single parents.

If you’re ever in a position of conflict with parents or other care givers about your child, then i think you just need to be honest, and open about issues. Everyone can have an opinion if you ask for it, but it’s difficult to sit back if you feel uncomfortable with a situation, no matter how small it may seem, even like an extra treat.







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