Why I Didn’t Vaccinate My Son

All medication comes with a list of potential side effects, all medical procedures have risks, and all products we use every single day and even food we consume comes with a warning label of potential allergies. However when we walk into a doctor’s office and they want to start your child on the government recommended vaccination schedule, the risks are brushed over, not allowing parents to make fully informed decisions.

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There are many reasons why my husband and I decided as a family not to have our son vaccinated. We are by no means doctors and in general value the NHS and modern medicines, which save lives every day. When it came to make a decision about allowing our sons DNA to be manipulated with a cocktail of vaccinations, well needless to say we felt we had to do our own research and make an educated decision, weighing up the risks and the benefits.

It’s easy to follow a doctor’s recommendation for “herd vaccination” as it seems like the right thing to do, and assume just because we turned out to be ok after childhood vaccinations that our son would be too. However in the 80’s we didn’t have half as many vaccines as are offered today. I can’t stress enough that vaccinations aren’t to be taken lightly, and each parent can only do what they feel is right for their own child.

This was not a light hearted decision for us, and the main message that I would like taken away from this is to make an educated decision before proceeding. I am by no means telling you not to have your child vaccinated, simply explaining why I didn’t.

My research:

I started off with good old Google, I searched terms such as “vaccination regrets”, “regret not vaccinating your child”, “vaccination damage” the “truth about vaccinations” etc… I gathered and bookmarked many articles about other parents’ experiences, articles by Drs, and came across some Vaxxed on Tour videos on YouTube, whereby parents of vaccine damaged children spoke about their experiences, and even medical professionals spoke up about the truth of vaccination risk. Out of my research I found one article that outlined regrets of not vaccinating and countless articles about regret of vaccinating and why.

The damages I read about were; triggering diseases, MMR vaccine causing children to become deaf (apparently from a bad batch), child constantly ill post vaccination, and vaccinations causing life limiting disabilities etc. There were of course many articles about the links to autism, but this alone did not put me off. In addition to damages, I read about the ingredients of vaccinations, a couple of alarming ingredients include; aluminium – linked to Alzheimers, and Mecury – linked to causing damage to our immune systems, contrary to what vaccinations are meant to do.

I didn’t want to stop with the above research, I continued on official sites, and something I found most interesting is that the government website has a page dedicated to “Vaccine damage payment”. At a glance you may think this is good, as you might feel if something was to go wrong then you can get some compensation, however pay outs are not made easily.

I quote “If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment.”  https://www.gov.uk/vaccine-damage-payment 16/01/2019. This page also states that if you receive any benefits this can be affected.

If my child were to be left severely disabled from vaccination, the max payment of £120,000 would not cut it for the rest of his life. For example, the average life expectancy in the UK for males is 79, if my child was to become severely disabled and live to at least the average life expectancy, then that’s only £126 for every month of his life, and even less if he lives longer, and that’s only if he were to be awarded the maximum payout.

It goes on to talk about eligibility for claiming, and somehow you would have to prove you are 60% disabled and that it has been caused by vaccination, somewhat impossible unless you are a doctor, or have a doctor willing to help prove this.

It also goes on to say that the damages caused to you doesn’t necessarily have to have been caused by direct vaccination.

I quote “You may also be able to get a payment if you’re severely disabled because either:

There is a list of vaccinations you can claim against on the eligibility page linked above.

To make a fully informed decision I continued my research on the NHS site reading everything from how certain diseases are contracted, spread, and treated etc. I also looked into some history of vaccinations such as the vitamin K vaccination offered straight after birth, this is said to have become routine after Jewish parents circumcise their new born sons before they are a week old, and when Vitamin K is still not developed. Vitamin K helps blood to clot, for example; from a cut. Babies naturally develop all the Vitamin K they need in their bodies 8 days after being born (of course this may not be the case for all, please do your research or ask a doctor), and the vaccination contains 20,000 times more than is needed for a baby. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/03/27/high-risks-to-your-baby-from-vitamin-k-shot-they-dont-warn-you-about.aspx 17/01/2019

Having done our research we opted to have our son take vitamin K orally as we felt this was the safest way of giving this to him, and if it spat it out then he spat it out.

Overall the information I found proved to me that there are serious risks with vaccinations, and damages are more common than is reported. The decision to vaccinate isn’t as black and white as pharmaceutical companies and GP’s want you to think. At the end of the day pharmaceuticals is a multi billion profit making industry for a reason, make your own judgement.


If you decide not to vaccinate and go against the “herd vaccination” like we did, I can guarantee you will see a lot of concerned faces, and hear a lot of opinions, and comments like “how can intelligent and educated individuals like you go against vaccination” etc.

My parents and in-laws are extremely concerned about our decision not to vaccinate our son, and nearly 2 years later this is an open conversation amongst our family.

Your GP will protest. When I went to get a check up for my son, our GP basically called me negligent when I told her that I was not going ahead with the vaccinations, her actual words were (and I hear this very clearly in my head) “I’m not saying you are negligent, but some might say its negligent not to vaccinate your child”. She tried to persuade me with stating she got her own children vaccinated and she also commented on not believing the research I read. I explained to her that I looked at various sources of information, including government and NHS site, and that it’s negligent not to do your research and believe the bullshit that pharmaceutical companies sell.

It is extremely frustrating when people don’t support your decision, and feel the need to make their opinion known when you haven’t asked for it.

Overall my husband and I personally feel the risk of causing life long problems for our child through vaccination, and manipulating his DNA way before his immune system is even developed is a lot higher risk than not vaccinating.

My son is a very happy, healthy, thriving 21-month-old, who’s had only little sniffles here and there, and we take him germ ridden soft play! I think this says a lot.

Please do your own research, look at studies, genuine stories of other parents, educate yourself about the diseases and vaccinations offered against them to allow yourself to make a fully informed decision. Don’t be swayed by your GP, or even those who may tell you not to vaccinate, any decision must come from you and only you as a parent.

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